International SEO in Canada Search Engine Optimization For Websites and SEO in Toronto

No doubt you have heard a lot about Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. But do you really understand it? The importance of H1, H2 tags, and H3 tags, or what image alt tags are may not be your area of expertise. How to choose key words and what key word density means and how to avoid getting penalized by Google are probably not your core strength.  Well, fortunately, it is one of our strengths and we are here to help! If you are seeking SEO in Toronto or SEO in Vancouver you’ve come to the right place as we have offices in both Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver and serve everyplace in between as well as many US clients. Our clients rate us tops in website development and #1 for SEO in Canada. Website Fame is a Search Engine Optimization firm while our sister company We Build Websites is a Web Development firm based in Canada.

How are our SEO fees so affordable?

We achieve such tremendous results at a fraction of the cost of the largest digital marketing firms in the country because we have no middle men to mark up the costs and no account sales people to pay. Many larger firms offering full spectrum services that include SEO, web design, marketing services, printing, copy writing, public relations, press announcements, social media management, and ad campaigns are the same firms that outsource your SEO work to us and firms like us. Deal direct with the Search Engine Optimization specialists providing supeior SEO in Canada and save all the middleman markup costs that can be as much as 600%!

Below are proven SEO results with real Customers:


Search Engine Optimization for – Local SEO within a region – SEO in Toronto.

We built this website for this customer in Ajax. He was not ranking on any Google search results pages (SERP’s). He fixes iPhones, cell phones, iPads, laptops etc. He wanted local customers.

Local SEO Proven Performance

Local SEO in Canada Search Engine Optimization For Websites

SEO – Project Details Within weeks of setting up his SEO, I have them ranking on page one of Google for the following search terms (these are just some of them):

  • IPhone repair in Ajax
  • Cell phone repair Whitby
  • Cell phone repair in Ajax
  • IPad repair in Ajax
  • Laptop repair in Ajax
  • Screen repair Ajax
  • Screen Repair Whitby
  • Keyboard Repair Whitby
  • Keyboard Repair Ajax
  • Samsung Repair in Ajax

Go ahead, type the above phrases into your Google Browser and watch them pop up.

Customer Location

Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Local SEO

Durham Region (Ajax- Whitby)

This customer can be contacted for a reference!

I can do this for your local business too, you can rule the Google Search Engine Results Pages!


Search Engine Optimization for – National SEO in Canada for e-commerce site coast to coast.

We re-designed this website for this customer in Bowmanville who was not ranking on any Google search results pages (SERP’s). He wanted Google SERP results Nationwide. This company required better SEO in Canada and we gave it to him! A small Canadian business that sell K-Cups (coffee pods) coast to coast. Competing with companies like Keurig itself (the owner of the K-cup brand) and online retail heavyweights like Costco, Walmart, Best Buy, Staples and many others in this huge coffee market is not easy. They sell 350 different K-Cup branded coffee pods and flavours in one of the most competitive online businesses there is.

National SEO Proven Performance

National SEO in Canada Search Engine Optimization For Websites

E-Store | SEO – Project Details When we first met with Markcol, they had a very industrial style website and literally no SEO or online presence. Their owner and President, Mark Abernathy, told me they have never appeared in a Google search result online at all. Within weeks I had them appearing in online Google searches and within months I had them appearing on Google page one. After 12 months I have them appearing on Google Page One for over 38 very desirable search terms including “K-Cups in Canada”, “K-Cups Value Deal”, “K-Cups Canada Free Shipping”, “K-Cups Tips”, “Tips on K-cups”, “K-Cups Canada Value Price”, “K-Cups Canada Best Price”, plus they are on page 1 of the search results for their most popular brands such as “Twisted Pine K-Cups” and many others.

This is awesome Google results going from nonexistent to the second highest visibility in desirable K-Cup search terms on line in Canada. That is what we call performance for SEO in Canada

SEO in the GTA Search Engine Optimization in Toronto

Check out their visibility results, awesome!

SEO in the GTA Search Engine Optimization in Toronto

Customer Location

Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

National SEO

Coast to Coast

This customer can be contacted for a reference!

I can provide superior SEO in Canada for your business too, you can rule the Google Search Engine Results Pages!


Search Engine Optimization for – International SEO – worldwide

We built this website for this customer in Oshawa. He was not ranking on any Google search results pages (SERP’s). He sells and repairs certified collector edition comic books. He is an expert on repairing collector edition comic books, some worth tens of thousands of $$, in a manner that maintains their certification. Yet not only was he not appearing in Google searches, he would not even come up for his own website name as the entire segment was dominated by US comic book re-sellers and investors. We  fixed that. He is now #1 world wide with a bullet!

Worldwide SEO Proven Performance

Website Design - Comic Book Haven Project

SEO- Project Details This small part time but very successful business had worldwide word of mouth recognition as the best collector edition comic book “Cleaning” operation in the world, yet they appeared no where on line, not even for their own website name on Google searches. The only processes by which comic books can be corrected while maintaining their collector rating via CGC and PGX are: Comic Book Dry Cleaning, Comic Book Cleaning and Comic Book Pressing. The Google results were completely dominated by US firms. After 2 weeks we had them appearing on page one of the Google search results worldwide. We focused on providing better SEO in Canada, the USA and

world-wide. Today there are dominating the Google search results pages across North America and are page one number one for the only terms that CGC and PGX approved comic book can use:

  • Comic Book Cleaning
  • Comic Book Dry Cleaning
  • Comic Book Pressing

Customer Location

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Worldwide SEO

Dominate in Canada & USA

This customer can be contacted for a reference!

I can do this for your business too, you can rule the Google Search Engine Results Pages!


Search Engine Optimization for – Local SEO in Ontario (Regional)

We re-designed this website for James Abbott CPA & Associates in Durham Region. This highly respected CPA Accounting Firm was getting beat out badly in all the Google search results by other established accounting firms. He asked us to fix that. We did!

Local SEO Proven Performance

Local SEO - SEO in Ontario - Search Engine Optimization in Whitby, Ontario

SEO – Project Details James Abbott CPA & Associates was originally located in Whitby and withing 4 months we had him on page one for his main search terms. After 12 months he was on page one for everyone of his Google search terms and had Google Maps directions to his business on most of them. In March of this year he moved his business to Pickering and wanted his SEO juice transferred there. He now dominates the search results for his many categories in Pickering including these search terms:

  • CPA in Pickering
  • CPA Accountant in Pickering
  • Accountant in Pickering
  • Bookkeeping in Pickering
  • business advice in Pickering
  • Pickering accountant
  • Accounting services in Pickering
  • Small business advice Pickering
  • SMB in Pickering
  • Accounting services Pickering
  • Corporate accountant in Pickering

and many more!

Customer Location

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Local SEO

Pickering, ON

This customer can be contacted for a reference!

I can do this for your Financial, Legal, Medical, or Real Estate business too, you can rule the Google Search Engine Results Pages!

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of identifying what key words and keyword phrases are important to your business and then designing a strategy to optimize your website to appear on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s), most desirably on page one.

The process involves:

  • A strategy related to your business.
  • Correcting design flaws in your website.
  • Ensuring the frameworks of your website have optimization features built in so that posts and pages can take advantage of the optimization.
  • Ensuring your website is sending the right message to customers and Google.
  • Modifying content so that Google understands what your website is about.
  • Focusing each page and post on a goal with Google and your customer / web visitor.
  • If you have an online store another step is included which is to funnel the visitors to the right place to turn a visitor into a customer.

The objective is simple, once the structure is in place so is the execution. When I explain, in detail to a client, what I am doing and why, our customers then fully understand the SEO process and embrace it very enthusiastically because they understand why they are doing things and suddenly it all makes sense.

Does your current website need Search Engine Optimization help?

  • Do you have a competitor doing well in search results and you would like to be represented there too?
  • Have you hired Google “Experts” in the past that got you nowhere?
  • When you have asked a search consultant to explain what they do, did you get a vague answer that never really explained anything?
  • Did your direct questions of what will be done also receive vague meaningless answers?

seo search engine optimization For WordPress by We Build Websites CanadaIf you came away from previous discussions with SEO “experts” with the impression that these experts themselves could not explain the optimization process, you may very well have been right. My own experience with meeting many so called “SEO experts” is that many of the SEO Consultants I have met don’t know a darn thing about what  Google are really trying to do, how to really get your website showing up on the search results pages, don’t understand how important it is to understand your business and some even had no idea what really works or why. If they look you in the face and repeat worn out buzz phrases like “it’s all about the backlinks” my advice is to run. They do not understand what is important to Google or your business; you will waste both your time and your money with them. If you are seeking better Google ranking and results and need better SEO in Canada or the USA, you owe it to yourself to investigate our pricing and our performance.

We provide superior SEO in Canada & the US at the lowest cost

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